Should I lose fat or build muscle first?
Jason - Should I lose fat or build muscle first? This is a question that I have heard many times in my 20 years experience in health and fitness. And it's definitely not going to be the last any time soon! A quick Google search for the answer makes it even more confusing even to […]
Improve your 5K time – Guaranteed!
How to improve your 5k time. Guaranteed results! Improving your 5 km time has many variables, better sleep, nutrition, running shoes etc, but a very simple and long term method to improve your 5k is to do shorter, faster runs.  Shorter running at a faster pace will improve your fast twitch fibre power output, this […]
One tip to improve your acceleration time – Instantly!
The first step when entering the acceleration phase of running is essential, within us all is a fear of falling, this fear of falling actually prevents us from moving faster. Try this at home and you will see the results in real-time, stand with two feet together and lean forward from the ankles keeping the […]
What a “leg day” looks like for a speed development client
The first leg session will be initially dictated by an assessment of the athletes mobility and flexibility abilities. If for example there is an ankle mobility issue this may force a change in the planned session. If there are no underlying issues that need immediate attention the initial leg session will look extremely similar to […]
Leg day – for a complete beginner!
When working with clients who are new to personal training, I often start our first "leg day" addressing the most common issue I come across when beginners hire me to transform their physique -  The glute/ quad issue. Perhaps this has happened to you too, you start any resistance program that includes squats, lunges, single […]
Home or Gym workouts – which is best for you?
The decision to work out at home or at the gym depends on several factors, including personal preference, budget, and fitness goals. Working out at home can be convenient and cost-effective. You don't need to travel to a gym, and you can exercise whenever you have time. Home workouts can also be tailored to your […]