Tracking your personal training progress
How do we track your progress…  Once we have started working together with our personal training and we are confident that the fundamentals of movement patterns, exercise technique have been completed and your confidence has grown in these areas, we move to tracking progress.  This can be done in a variety of methods, my personal […]
Our first personal training session
The following paragraphs will outline what our first PT sessions in Galway will look like. As many people can be slightly intimidated by the gym environment and even the concept of hiring a personal trainer in Galway, I try to meet my clients at the entrance door and give them a brief tour of the […]
Why hire a personal trainer in Galway?
Why hire a personal trainer in Galway? The word hire is very important. Your personal trainer is providing a service and that service has a purpose that is specific to your needs and goals. Let’s cover the reasons that might not spring to mind immediately. Confidence is a major factor in many deciding to hire […]
Personal trainer with client
How to run correctly
How to run correctly Do you know the movement pattern of running? Asking this question often results in some funny looks but do you actually know how to run correctly. As with everything in life there is a right and wrong way to do everything and often muscle strains and joint pains are caused by […]
How to reduce injuries immediately when running
Injuries are a constant for runners, we all know the pain of having to stop your training when you are feeling good, clocking up great times and adding miles to your weekly runs and when a dreaded injury comes along. But the good news is there is a solution. Injuries are often caused by what […]