One-to-one Personal Training in Galway

Personal Training Method

In person consultation to get an assessment of current fitness levels

Develop a client profile and set goals/targets based on this profile

Design a bespoke training program

Begin training immediately

Three monthly review

Who is this program designed for?

  • Anyone who wants to develop a healthy/toned physique.
  • Lose body fat and build a healthy athletic physique.
  • Have a flexible approach to nutrition.
  • Learn how to exercise efficiently.
  • Learn how to maximize time spent working out.
  • Better sleeping pattern.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Better mobility and functional movement patterns.

Nutrition Program Details

  • Tailored nutritional targets and/or habit goals are provided to help ensure you are consuming enough macro nutrients to ensure protein synthesis for muscle repair and growth, while consuming the correct amount of calories to shape your body to your preferred dimensions (muscle size) while still losing body fat.
  • Flexible dieting designed for longevity which is vital to sustained fat loss.
  • Adjustments made where necessary to ensure constant progress.


How often will I meet my trainer for in-person PT coaching?

We can meet as often as scheduling and client’s preference allows.

How will I be charged?

Cash or revolut payments.

Do I have to remove certain foods from my diet?

No foods have to be eliminated but recommendations will be made in regards to limiting certain foods.

Is this program designed specifically for me?

Yes, each program is bespoke and is designed with the client’s specific needs and goals.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

All personal training sessions require 24 hours cancellation notice period. If it is possible rescheduling will be accommodated, however if there are no available slots within the 24 hour period, a cancellation fee of €40 will be charged.

How can a personal trainer help me achieve my fitness goals?

A personal trainer can create a personalized fitness plan based on your goals and fitness level, monitor your progress, provide guidance and motivation, and adjust your plan as needed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

What kind of exercises and workouts can I expect from a personal trainer?

As your personal trainer will create a customized workout plan based on your fitness level, goals, and preferences. This plan can include a variety of exercises such as strength training, cardio, HIIT, functional training, and more.

Can a personal trainer help me with injuries or physical limitations?

Yes, a personal trainer can work with you to develop a safe and effective exercise plan that takes into account any injuries or physical limitations you may have. They can also provide modifications to exercises as needed to help you avoid aggravating any existing injuries

How can a personal trainer hold me accountable and help me stay motivated?

A personal trainer can hold you accountable by setting fitness goals, tracking progress, and checking in with you regularly, even after your weekly sessions are complete. They can also provide motivation and encouragement, and help you stay focused on your goals. I want to help you succeed. That is my goal.

What should I wear and bring to personal training sessions?

Comfort is key. Wear something you feel comfortable excersising in and comfortable footwear. It's no harm to bring a bottle of water to your sessions too.


Single session


5 session package


10 session package


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