Can I spot reduce fat?
“Jason – Can I work out so that I loose fat from my: stomach/back/legs/arms” – you name it! This question is one of the most repeated questions that I receive from my PT clients. It has long been believed that spot reduction, the ability to selectively lose fat from specific areas of your body by […]
The one tip that will change your physique overnight!
I have been working out of gyms for almost 30 years now and this is the one tip I wish I could pass on to as many people as possible. It’s a very simple muscle contraction that is the most effective for building muscle. This is called the eccentric muscle contraction. An eccentric muscle contraction […]
Top 10 most common questions I get asked about running!
As a running coach based out of Galway, I get alot of questions from potential clients about running, speed development and running technique. Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions I get asked: Is running good for me? Yes running is absolutely one of the most all around beneficial forms of exercises you can […]
Should I lose fat or build muscle first?
Jason – Should I lose fat or build muscle first? This is a question that I have heard many times in my 20 years experience in health and fitness. And it’s definitely not going to be the last any time soon! A quick Google search for the answer makes it even more confusing even to […]
Improve your 5K time – Guaranteed!
How to improve your 5k time. Guaranteed results! Improving your 5 km time has many variables, better sleep, nutrition, running shoes etc, but a very simple and long term method to improve your 5k is to do shorter, faster runs.  Shorter running at a faster pace will improve your fast twitch fibre power output, this […]
One tip to improve your acceleration time – Instantly!
The first step when entering the acceleration phase of running is essential, within us all is a fear of falling, this fear of falling actually prevents us from moving faster. Try this at home and you will see the results in real-time, stand with two feet together and lean forward from the ankles keeping the […]