Tracking your personal training progress

How do we track your progress… 

Once we have started working together with our personal training and we are confident that the fundamentals of movement patterns, exercise technique have been completed and your confidence has grown in these areas, we move to tracking progress. 

This can be done in a variety of methods, my personal choice is whatever works best for each individual client. Some peoples' main goal is to lose weight so we use the weighing scales, if your goal is to drop a dress size we will use measuring tape. If your goal is to get stronger we will track your lifts and compare them on a monthly basis. If you want to be healthier in general we will track heart rate and recovery times. 

Often we will use all of the above and at times one or more will become obsolete to us. For example if your goal is to lose weight after a while the scales aren't going to change as you already have low body fat, at this point you may want to set new goals and news tracking methods. 

Tracking progress is an extremely useful way of keeping you on track and seeing your goals get closer and closer each week is an incredible motivator. But it can be the poison apple and I always advise my clients not to get too hung up on any progress tracking as at some point fat loss will slow down, muscle growth slows and weight numbers stagnate, simply put you plateau and at this point you have to stay confident that progress is made even if the needle is moving far slower than it began. 

Tracking progress is incredibly useful but it is just a tool. Your general feeling of wellbeing, confidence in how you look and your body's ability to perform any function you need it to are all indicators of progress that we can't track but I would value those methods above all others.

Working as a personal trainer in Galway, it’s my responsibility to make sure you are getting the value from your investment in your exercise regimen. If you are training alone now, stuck in a rut or just not seeing the fitness results you’d expect, please contact me to discuss how I might be able to help you.

Running Coach & Personal Trainer: Jason Cafferkey

He works with both private clients and teams of athletes. Jason has 20 years experience coaching and is qualified as a: Level 3 Personal Trainer, AFN certified Diet Specialist & NSA Fitness Diploma. When not with clients, you can find him at the track improving his 800M time.