How to run correctly

How to run correctly

Do you know the movement pattern of running?

Asking this question often results in some funny looks but do you actually know how to run correctly.

As with everything in life there is a right and wrong way to do everything and often muscle strains and joint pains are caused by poor movement patterns.

From the feet up this is a description of efficient movement pattern for running.

  1. The foot must stay dorsiflexed, this means toes are pointed upward. Landing on your toes can less to calf strains while landing on your hips will lead to knee and hip pain. Try to land on your midfoot every step.

  2. Hips high. This refers to pelvic tilt, if your hips are pointed downward, your glutes will be pushed back as though you are closing a drawer with your bum, this will lead to your hamstrings being stressed and your hip flexors unable to fully open up.

  3. Core is related to hips, keeping the hips high will allow the core to activate correctly. For correct core activation imagine a string attached to your core and coming out the top of your head. Pull on the string and your core is activated and your hips are high.

  4. Shoulders are low and relaxed, if your shoulders are tense your whole body will follow this action and tighten up.

  5. Head is neither too low nor too high. Slightly tip your head forward so your whole body is following this lead and moving forward.

  6. Slight lean forward from the whole body starting at the ankles, never the hips. Practice this by standing tall and leaning forward from the ankles, gravity wants to bring you forward to conserve your energy and increase ease of movement by using gravity to your advantage.

  7. Jaw is relaxed and mouth is left slightly open. Again any muscle tension will trickle into other muscles.

  8. Hands are loose and relaxed just like the rest of your body.

Your whole body needs to be relaxed, relaxed muscles function well, tight and tensed muscles function poorly. Any tension in any part of the body will result in other muscles tensing up.

The fastest times you will run will feel almost effortless, this is because your body was relaxed and moving fluidly.

If you found this article useful and you want to know a little more about correct movement patterns for running you can book your free consultation today though the JC Fitness website. My running coach services might be just what you need.

Running Coach & Personal Trainer: Jason Cafferkey

He works with both private clients and teams of athletes. Jason has 20 years experience coaching and is qualified as a: Level 3 Personal Trainer, AFN certified Diet Specialist & NSA Fitness Diploma. When not with clients, you can find him at the track improving his 800M time.